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Beacon began as an entry to Weekly Game Jam #109. I originally planned for six astronauts and therefore six logs for the player to pick up. As the week went by I quickly realized I had scoped this game way too big to be finished in a jam; it’s so easy to get carried away. What I released was functional, but it had no goal and there was a spot on the map where the player could go out of bounds and get lost.

But I was attached, The original idea grew and now I’m planning a lot more than six astronauts. With the game jam behind me, I can focus on bringing Beacon to the full scope and potential I know it can be. 

Currently, the build on is the one I made for the game jam. I’ve made some tweaks here and there, such as walls and other barriers now keeping the player firmly within the bounds of the map. I shrunk and centered the text box last night, so that will go into the public build soon.

The Roadmap will be updated as I add features and come up with new ones. All the dates are flexible, but I’ll update it once a week when I push the release build of Beacon, which is available to all of my patrons.

Changelogs will be available in two places: