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Beacon: Update 9/9/19

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Welcome to Monday! This is the first official Beacon update, and since it’s the first there are quite a few updates. Dialogue box First up, there are a few updates to the dialogue box and its contents, including: The box is smaller now There’s a border around the box It’s centered to the screen, and the text is centered in the box The text writes out progressively instead of appearing all at once Pause menu I’ve added a pause menu! When you pause, you can select Continue which will close the menu and you can return to the game. Quit…


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Ouroboros was a submission to the Extra Credits Game Jam #3. The theme was cycles. The cycles in Ouroboros are the lifespans of the snakes. Every time the player grabs the lantern on the end of a snake, an in-game year passes and their snake grows. I was inspired by the retro Snake when I built Ouroboros, though I deviated a lot as the game grew. I made it to the Game Jam deadline with a finished game and a list of features I’d like to add in the future such as a dynamic background and a high score system.…


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Beacon began as an entry to Weekly Game Jam #109. I originally planned for six astronauts and therefore six logs for the player to pick up. As the week went by I quickly realized I had scoped this game way too big to be finished in a jam; it’s so easy to get carried away. What I released was functional, but it had no goal and there was a spot on the map where the player could go out of bounds and get lost. But I was attached, The original idea grew and now I’m planning a lot more than…