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Ouroboros was a submission to the Extra Credits Game Jam #3. The theme was cycles. The cycles in Ouroboros are the lifespans of the snakes. Every time the player grabs the lantern on the end of a snake, an in-game year passes and their snake grows. I was inspired by the retro Snake when I built Ouroboros, though I deviated a lot as the game grew. I made it to the Game Jam deadline with a finished game and a list of features I’d like to add in the future such as a dynamic background and a high score system.…


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Beacon began as an entry to Weekly Game Jam #109. I originally planned for six astronauts and therefore six logs for the player to pick up. As the week went by I quickly realized I had scoped this game way too big to be finished in a jam; it’s so easy to get carried away. What I released was functional, but it had no goal and there was a spot on the map where the player could go out of bounds and get lost. But I was attached, The original idea grew and now I’m planning a lot more than…