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Published September 9, 2019

Welcome to Monday! This is the first official Beacon update, and since it’s the first there are quite a few updates.

Dialogue box

First up, there are a few updates to the dialogue box and its contents, including:

  • The box is smaller now
  • There’s a border around the box
  • It’s centered to the screen, and the text is centered in the box
  • The text writes out progressively instead of appearing all at once

Pause menu

I’ve added a pause menu! When you pause, you can select Continue which will close the menu and you can return to the game. Quit will return you to the title screen.

New maps

There are a total of six zones in Beacon:

  • The Lab
  • The Gardens
  • The Crew Quarters
  • The Observatory
  • The Chasm
  • The Surface

The Lab is the first zone on my to-do list. That’s the one that’s been added into this release, though only the bare bones of it. The rooms are all there, they’re just empty.


Say hello to CerberOS! He’s the mainframe of the station. As of the moment, he’s background decoration but I have big plans for him. You can find CerberOS in Mainframe to the right of Access Hall.

Patreon terminal

And finally! I added in a little surprise for all my patrons: a Patreon terminal. He’ll hang around until the game is finished, so don’t forget to say hello.

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